Our quarry products are in high demand so we thought we’d write a post exploring exactly what quarry products we have on offer. Many of our customers don’t realise that we actually have a sister company, TPGS that specializes in the production and delivery of pebbles, gravel and sand. These products are required for projects in a variety of industries including construction, agricultural and domestic markets. So what quarry products are available? Keep reading to find out more…


Our range of pebbles are suitable for a variety of applications:

  • 3mm – 7mm washed pebble

This flexible pebble is ideal for sewer systems and laying sewer pipes. It offers zero fire hazard ground cover, as well as reflecting sunlight while letting in valuable moisture and retaining it.

  • 7mm – 14mm washed pebble

This decorative washed pebble is great for parks and gardens. It can also be used to replace blue stone screenings in drainage applications.

  • 14mm – 40mm washed pebble

This pebble is also ideal for garden, parks and for replacing blue stone screenings in drainage applications.

Screened Gravel & Sands

TGPS, our sister company, has a reliable supply of screened gravel. This product has excellent compaction properties and creates an attractive finished surface. We also offer two types of sand:

  • Screened Bedding Sand

This product has a variety of applications including all concreting preparations and pipe laying. It can be compacted but will not set hard, providing a buffer between a moving ground surface and the concrete slab. Importantly, this product will not turn to mush after rain.

  • Washed Sands

Washed sands can be used for concreting, filter sand, paving, horse arenas and pipe laying.

Our quarry products are available for delivery in South Gippsland and surrounding areas. If you need quarry products in Venus Bay, Toora, Sandy Point  or Yanakie Contact Allens Contracting today.