farm damAll rural landowners in Victoria are able to build a farm dam. However, building a dam isn’t just a matter of digging a hole and waiting for it to fill with water. Most people wouldn’t try and build a house themselves so why would you try and build a dam yourself? Dams are complicated structures that need to be carefully planned by someone with experience. As most dams are built into depressions, gullies or hillsides, you need to bring in the experts. This will ensure you avoid costly problems, or even worse, the total failure of your dam.

7 Important Things to Consider about Dam Building

  • Government regulations
  • Size of your dam
  • Where to build your dam
  • Who should build your dam
  • Preparing your site
  • Building your dam
  • Maintaining your dam

For those of you in South Gippsland, the Department of Sustainability and Environment has published a comprehensive guide to farm dam building in Victoria. It covers all the above topics, as well as in depth information about maintenance, safety and dam failure emergency action.

So Who Should Build Your Dam?

The most important thing to consider is experience. Not all earthmoving contractors will have the experience, the skills, or the equipment required to build a dam (even if they say they do!). Make sure you do your research. Ask neighbouring landowners if they know of any reliable earthworks companies. Alternatively, if they have experience with local earthmoving contractors, ask if they are happy with the results. Once you have a few names, it is a good idea to ask the dam building company to show you examples of their recent work. This part of the process is definitely worth spending time on because an experienced dam builder, with a good track record, will reduce the chances of future problems.

Considering building a dam?

Contact Allens Contracting in South Gippsland. They have the experience, local knowledge and machinery to get the job done.